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Pitbull Poker Tour

Pitbull Poker Tour is a collection of 4,444 deflationary degenerates taking over the Solana Poker Scene!

Powered by $BLUFF, Pitbulls fight their hardest on and off the felt, and the stakes are always high.

Gen 1

Gen 2

Gen 3

Roadmap 2.0
Stage 1

- Release breeding collection; Bad Bitch Billiards Club

- Launch PPT Casino hosted by High Roller Hippo Clique

- Release staking platform for $RPT; Resurrected Pitbull Token

- Implement PPT's auction & raffle system for $BLUFF & $SOL

Stage 2

- Continue to add new casino games (coin flip, blackjack etc.)

- Debut the Love Shack allowing Bitches to be bred, pimped and hustled

- Integrate the PPT Double Burn mechanisms; simultaneously burning Pitbulls, Pixels & $BLUFF

- Official release of Club PPT Cardroom; decentralized SPL based poker platform

Stage 3

- Introduce PPT's interactive deflation mechanism; Pitbull resurrections

- Launch the long awaited Parasitic Pixel utility

- Partner with reputable projects to integrate their SPL tokens into our platform

Near Future

- Metaverse Integration

- PPT Dog Houses

- Pitbull Trait Upgrades