Airdrop tx fails resulted in required manually tracing for those who didn't receive their PPTREATS.
Once all tokens have been delivered, associated LP will be funded for all to make use of.
PPTreats: 8sYKRpej6jio5EHdPdgZsrm4hF4kiayYYu89ARuif6UC

Pitbull Poker Tour

Pitbull Poker Tour is a collection of 4,444 deflationary degenerates taking over the Solana Poker Scene!

Powered by $BLUFF, Pitbulls fight their hardest on and off the felt, and the stakes are always high.

Gen 1

Gen 2

Gen 3

Roadmap 2.0
Stage 1

- Release breeding collection; Bad Bitch Billiards Club

- Launch PPT Casino hosted by High Roller Hippo Clique

- Release staking platform for $RPT; Resurrected Pitbull Token

- Implement PPT's auction & raffle system for $BLUFF & $SOL

Stage 2

- Continue to add new casino games (coin flip, blackjack etc.)

- Debut the Love Shack allowing Bitches to be bred, pimped and hustled

- Integrate the PPT Double Burn mechanisms; simultaneously burning Pitbulls, Pixels & $BLUFF

- Official release of Club PPT Cardroom; decentralized SPL based poker platform

Stage 3

- Introduce PPT's interactive deflation mechanism; Pitbull resurrections

- Launch the long awaited Parasitic Pixel utility

- Partner with reputable projects to integrate their SPL tokens into our platform

Near Future

- Metaverse Integration

- PPT Dog Houses

- Pitbull Trait Upgrades